St. Patrick’s Day Ombre Cupcakes

Ingredients for St. Patrick’s Day Ombre Cupcakes

1 box white cake mix, prepared according to the box

1 tablespoon clear vanilla extract

green food coloring

1 container whipped, white frosting

24 gold wrapped candy (chocolate coins or Rolos)

1. Prepare white cake mix according to package directions. Heat oven according to box instructions.

2. Split batter into two bowls. Color one with food coloring. A deep green will take varying amounts depending on if you are using gel or liquid coloring. Liquid will be over 50 drops. Mix well. Slowly add green food coloring to the second bowl, starting with just a quarter of what you used for the first. Add until you have noticeably lighter color than the first.

3. Spoon a heaping tablespoon of the darker batter into each lined cupcake tin. Using a fresh spoon, do the same with the lighter color.

4. Bake according to package directions. Remove and allow to fully cool.

5. Mix just a drop or two of green food coloring into the frosting container. Pipe or frost onto each cupcake.

6. Adorn with gold candy and watch eyes light up for St. Patrick’s Day Ombre Cupcakes!