Halloween Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

Fabric pieces – variety of sizes
2 pieces of brown felt
1 piece tan felt
Fiberfill or other stuffing material
Brown embroidery floss
Thick twine
Hand-sewing needle
Sewing Machine
Decorative wire berries (optional)

Gather your fabric. I found these upholstery fabric samples at Joann’s for 2.00 a piece. They were discontinued special order fabrics. I decided to use decorator fabric because I love the variation in textures and designs, but you could definitely used quilting cotton for this project if you would prefer.

Cut your fabric. I wanted my pumpkins to be all different sizes since no two pumpkins are ever the same. Here are some of the measurements I used:
17.5″ x 10″
17.5″ x 12″
12″ x 6″
12.5″ x 7.5″
17″ x 13″
Basically you are looking to cut out a rectangle shape.

Fold your rectangle, right-sides together. Stitch down the long-side (side to the right) with a regular straight-stitch. Then run a gathering stitch around the top and the bottom (leaving the top and bottom OPEN). Turn right-side out.

Pull the bobbin thread to start gathering one of the ends. Work the gather until you have pulled it as closed as possible. If you are using regular cotton this will be much easier. If you are using decorator fabrics, this can take some time. You may also consider hand-sewing a large straight stitch with embroidery floss and using that to gather instead of your machine (my thread broke on one of my pumpkins). Either way will work.

This is as tight as I could pull my bobbin thread with the upholstery fabric. Tie your thread ends together and turn it in-side out again.

Place the gathered end in your sewing machine and stitch to close. You will have to kind of jam the fabric under the foot as it is very thick, but don’t worry, your machine can handle it. You may also choose to hand-sew the opening closed with embroidery floss.

Next fill your pumpkin with fiberfill or whatever type of stuffing you have on hand.

Once you have stuffed your pumpkin, pull the bobbin thread from your other gathering stitch to begin to close the opening.

Take your twine and wrap it around the pumpkin (very tightly). Do this as if you were wrapping a present. Loop it around, then cross-over, around and cross-over. You will cross-over at the top and bottom of the pumpkin. Go back and forth until you have 6-8 sections on each pumpkin. Finish by simply tying in a knot.

You may need to slide the twine around until you have even look sections – just work it until you like the look.