We Are In Peppermint Heaven For Day 5 Of Our Christmas Countdown. Just Look At These Peppermint Pretties! –

Boy oh boy do we have some seriously lovely eye candy for you today as part of our Christmas countdown day 5! Peppermint is one of those things that just tastes better around the holidays. You definitely can’t have a merry Christmas without a candy cane or two! The lucky thing is peppermint makes it ways into all sorts of goodies and decorations around the holidays so you can enjoy it as much as you would like. We are just smitten with any dessert that has a sprinkle of peppermint crumble on top. Then when you mix chocolate and peppermint together we are just in heaven! We have rounded up some seriously lovely desserts make this holiday season. These are definitely ones to break out at your Christmas party or for dessert Christmas day. All kinds of desserts too. Cake pops, cookies, cupcakes…even whoopie pies! Most of these lovely peppermint ideas and inspiration are DIY too! Make sure you click the link to get the recipe. We even threw in some decorations just to show you how that peppermint can really go into anything!