old-Fashioned Caramel Cake and Icing

ng powder
½ tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla

Cream butter in an electric mixer. Add sugar. Cream together until smooth. Add eggs one at a time. Mix sour cream and milk in a small bowl. Combine dry ingredients in another small bowl. Alternately add in the dry ingredients and sour cream mixture…start and end with dry ingredients. Stir in vanilla.

Bake 350 for 30-35 in a two 8′ round prepared pan. I recommend lining the pans with parchment paper. After the cake has cooled, cut each cake round into two pieces…or more it you can. The thinner the layers the better.

3 cups sugar, divided
¾ milk
1 egg beaten
½ cup butter

Add ½ cup sugar in sauce pan {I used a cast iron skillet}. Cook over medium heat stirring constantly until sugar melts and is golden brown. Combine sugar, milk, beaten egg, and then stir in butter. Slowly add the mixture into the melted sugar.
Cook over medium heat until 230 degrees on a candy thermometer. This step should take about 15-20 minutes. Cool the icing for 5 minutes then beat with wooden spoon….I actually put the icing into my mixer and beat it with the whisk attachment for a few minutes.