Yes, a flat-panel TV can be integrated harmoniously with its surroundings! How? Simply by framing it with decorative moulding. Choose a style of moulding that you already have in the room or one that matches your decor.

For this project we used polyurethane moulding, which is light, simple to work with and easy to attach to the wall. You could alternatively use wood or MDF moulding.

Level 1, less than one hour.

Cutting moulding requires care and precision. The saw blade must be set in the right direction (left or right), at 45º, and the moulding must be positioned so that its flat surfaces (those usually in contact with the wall and ceiling) are resting on the saw’s table and fence.

The frame made for this project is 3″ thick once assembled. Before starting the project, measure the thickness of your screen, as well as the distance between it and the wall once it is attached to the wall mount. Depending on the model of TV, the frame can either be fastened directly to the wall or it might be necessary to build a box to fill the space between the frame and the wall. This box would be built from ¾” pine and the frame is mounted on the box once the box is attached to the wall.
List of tools
Mitre saw
Pneumatic nailer (for installation)
Measuring tape
List of materials

2 lengths of crown moulding, 96″ long by 5″ wide
Contact adhesive
18-gauge nails for finishing nailer (for installation)
2 keyhole fastener plates for shelves, with screws